and the Working Families Party are putting on a concert in Philadelphia to highlight the need for pandemic recovery, especially in communities of color.

On Friday Aug. 13, the “Can’t Wait: A concert for Jobs, Climate and Care” is coming to Philadelphia. The event will take place at the Mann Center for Performing Arts from 530 p.m. till 1130 p.m. with doors due to open at 430 p.m. Headlining this event is Saweetie, Wyclef Jean, Snow Da Product, Beach Bunny, and the legendary Mavis Staples.

Organizers are hoping that by collaborating with musicians, they will be able to engage a younger audience in fighting for the issues they support, such as climate change, care housing, and immigration.

DJ Diamond Kuts and DJ Jazzy Jeff will be representing Philadelphia and adding vibrant DJ sets to the concert experience. In between performances, community activists will discuss the upcoming local elections as well as bills before the current Congress.

“We felt combining social causes with a concert was a winning combination. The idea came to fruition due a similar event I witnessed in Atlanta during the pandemic. I felt the energy and enthusiasm that catapulted people to get involved,” Organizing Director for Working Party of PA Nicolas O’Rourke said.

There have been some changes in the lineup since the concert was first announce. Rapper DaBaby has been dropped from the bill following some controversial remarks at a Miami concert last week.

“The organizers wanted the focus to remain on the issues not controversy,” O’Rourke said.

Another important voice that will be participating in the concert is DJ Jazzy Jeff. The West Philadelphia native, gained attention earlier this year after getting COVID. He was very open with what he experienced and wanting his fan base to understand that this disease is real. The concert is another step in getting the local government involved in issues like crime prevention and infrastructure improvements.

“Having artists from different generations will help bring people together. There has been a lot of talk in Hip-Hop about generational wars, which are frequently misguided because the conversation begins with hate rather than understanding,” Jeff said.

The world-renowned DJ would like Hip-Hop to focus on healthcare instead.

“The people that died recently, specifically Biz-Markie, were close friends and died in their late forties and early fifties, the main reason being health issues and lack of access to medical care. I am super excited to combine my love of music and community,” he said.

Those who are unable to attend the concert in person can watch it live on YouTube channel and Facebook.

Can’t Wait Live is a free event but tickets are required. Tickets can be obtained via Eventbrite or by texting 30403.

People will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

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