Thanks to a flub by NBC pre-show host Jenna Bush Hager at the 2016 Golden Globes, social media had a field day.

Twitter was the true winner of Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards.

Thanks to a flub by NBC pre-show host Jenna Bush Hager, social media had a field day.

Bush Hager asked producer and composer Pharrell Williams about the movie he scored, "Hidden Figures."

Problem was, she called it "Hidden Fences," combining the title with another critically acclaimed African-American film, which is also getting lots of awards-season buzz.

Then, actor Michael Keaton repeated the wrong title during the presentation of the best supporting actress in a motion picture category.

Naturally, folks ran with it.

It set off a chain of people combining other African-American films for some pretty funny results.

To wit: Did you catch Academy Award-winning actress Mo'Nique in "The Color Precious?" What about Viola Davis' stunning performance in "The Help Got Away With Murder?"

Bush Hager apologized Monday on "Today" saying she did not want to make anyone feel "lesser."

"I have seen both movies," she said. "I thought they were both brilliant. I've interviewed cast from both of the movies. And I offended people, I am deeply sorry."

"Hidden Fences" wasn't the only thing from Sunday night that was all over social media.

Actor Ryan Gosling is legendary for being the subject of the "Hey Girl" memes meant to display the heartthrob as the king of romance.

Not only did he win for best actor in a drama motion picture ("La La Land") at the Globes, but he also won Twitter's heart with his acceptance speech. In it, he lovingly paid tribute to longtime love and the mother of his two children, Eva Mendes, whom he called "my lady."

"#heygirl I'm just like the #ryangosling meme project in real life," one person tweeted. –– (CNN)

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