Jamyra Perry

FOF Fest is a collective festival of independent artists that come from all different genres within the Delaware Valley and beyond. The festival was born out of Hero’s frustration with the music industry.

“This festival was designed for the indie artist to have a platform to showcase their talents and creative abilities. I found it difficult for independent artists such as myself to find big shows that you could be a part of. We said ‘you know what, we’re just going to create something that’s geared toward the independent artist.’ We wanted to really do it right. We picked some cool venues. We bring in a good sound team, light professionals and really that whole nine to really give it that festival experience,” Hero says.

Doc Hero says he wants all of the participating musicians to finish the festival with a little more insider knowledge of the music industry.

“I always hope and dream that the artists get more exposure, it’s a learning experience on how to prepare for festivals and big shows, including learning how to connect with your audience and how to make and sell merch. We want our artists to walk away with all the tools that a major artist needs or should have,” says the West Philadelphia native.

Hero says he believes that the secret to being a truly great artist is in the live performance.

“I’m really big on shows. I think a lot of artists make good music. A lot of artists, I feel like, struggle sometimes when it comes to the live performance part. If I’m sold on your live performance, then I’m like, ‘I want you to be a part of this thing.’ That’s what FOF is, a live performance show,” he says.

FOF Fest is unlike most festivals thanks to its unique lineup. Artists include rappers, soul singers, Christian artists and more. Diversity is something that’s important to the festival organizers.

“FOF Fest is filled with energy, excitement. You’re going to come across a lot of artists that you haven’t heard of before and maybe some different styles of music that you aren’t used to. You’re going to experience something new but there will also be some things that feel familiar. We make sure that we are doing everything we can to be well-rounded when it comes to having this festival,” Hero says.

With the current political climate, FOF Fest wants to be a place where attendees can give and get a little positivity.

“The cool thing about FOF is that it’s all positive. There weren’t a lot of platforms out there that usher positivity and that’s one thing that I have a heart for. There’s enough garbage out there, so why not add a little positivity to our culture,” Hero says.

The FOF Fest is Sunday, Aug. 25, in Manayunk. For more information on the event or any of the featured artists, visit facebook.com/FOFCollective.

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