The Kappa League, Philadelphia Kappa Alpha Psi’s “Guide Right” mentoring program, has welcomed its Beta Klass to its 2018-19 program. More than 90 young men in the city are meeting every second and fourth Wednesday of the month through May to learn professional skills, participate in community service, and understand Black history.

Founded by Mel L. Davis, an Elder Watson Diggs Awardee, and Edgar H. Bishop, the Kappa League is designed to develop leadership skills throughout their everyday lives, and follows in the footsteps of the Grand Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity’s Kappa Instructional Leadership League, which began in 1970 as training for young men of the Alain Leroy Locke High School.

Mentoring sessions for male students in 10th to 12th grade take place at the Philadelphia Alumni Achievement Center on Germantown Avenue. Students are educated using the “7 Phases of Success,” a curriculum that includes lessons in Self-Identity/Purpose, Training, Competition, Social, Health Education, Economic Empowerment and Education, and College and Career.

Not only does the program focus on helping young men grow but also providing challenging and rewarding experiences. By the end of the journey within the Kappa League, students will have made a lasting impact in their community while achieving worthy goals for themselves.

The Kappa League is operated with support from the community and its fundraisers. The next event, the Annual Wine and Cheese Fundraiser, will take place at the Achievement Center on Apr. 19.

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