Poll worker

A poll worker sorts through voting material at Park Tavern in Atlanta on Nov. 3, 2020.

— John Spink/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP, File

Election officials used to toil in relative obscurity. Poll workers put in long, intense hours around voting time, filling low-paid bureaucratic roles that were poorly understood by the public they served.

But since 2020, that world has turned upside down. Today, many election workers are the subject of harassment, threats and even acts of violence. Some have had to flee their homes or have been assaulted. One said it’s “like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

Trey Grayson serves as advisory board co-chair of the Secure Elections Project. He is a partner at Frost Brown Todd and managing director of CivicPoint, the firm’s government relations affiliate. He previously served as Kentucky’s secretary of state and chair of the Republican Association of Secretaries of State. Bloomberg Opinion

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