Bernie Sanders

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VOTE YES on the Proposed Constitutional Amendment #2, NOT NO. The Philadelphia Traffic Court has already been reformed! The Traffic Court is now just a vestigial object and the traffic court no longer operates in capacity. The Philadelphia Municipal Court has been handling all traffic violations since 2013.


Thank you, Philly Tribune! Remember folks, it's not just enough to vote for the nominee and President, we need to vote for Bernie's delegates as well as the right Congressional Representatives and Senators. We also need to vote in EVERY election, not just this one. Federal, state, all matters immensely and it's the only tool we have to save America from the vultures running it. Our country is dying because our leaders know that they can do anything they want and we're too apathetic to turn out to vote them out (aka FIRE THEM) when the time comes. They know they can get away with not representing us. Let's change that dynamic! Let's take our country back!!!


A great choice, and a hard one. But Joe Sestak has shown a determination for integrity, a determination to litterally walk the walk by going not only to the big city but the small towns in between, not to talk but to listen--how rare is that?

Please consider voting for him, and ask your friends to vote and ask their friends!

While Ms. McGinty is a decent person, she was hand picked by the big money in the Democratic party because Joe Sestak wouldn't agree in advance to pass whatever legislation they told him too. Passing up money to do what's right is integrity of a sort too few politicians have. With your help he can overcome.

The big money in the Democratic party unfortunately has spent millions to try to defeat him, making allegations FactCheck and newpapers say are unfounded. it takes people turning out and voting in numbers to overcome the effect of multi-milliondollar advertising.

Look on voting for him as a way to send a sign not only to Mr. Toomey but to the money bosses who want to tell people what to do, a signal to Democrats to be bottom up Democratic, not top down say-we're-democrats.

Thank you for reading this, and have a wonderful Sunday and Election Day.


I loved your brilliant analysis of Senator Sanders.It got me inspired! Politicians bought and paid for by Wall Street—AMERICA IS BETTER THAN THAT--.Students in great debt for an education – AMERICA IS BETTER THAN THAT--.Pollution of environment with fracking & fossil fuels – AMERICA IS BETTER THAN THAT--.Crime law that disproportionately incarcerates Black Americans – AMERICA IS BETTER THAN THAT--.Campaign financing system that results in Oligarchy – AMERICA IS BETTER THAN THAT.--Regime change foreign policy – AMERICA IS BETTER THAN THAT--Trade agreements that starve out USA workers – AMERICA IS BETTER THAN THAT--.Inadequate banking regulations after Recession – AMERICA IS BETTER THAN THAT--. Deferred Infrastructure repair and updating – AMERICA IS BETTER THAN THAT.

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