The GOP has proved once again how powerful a weapon race can be. By using race to convince white voters that they need to vote for a party that bankrupted the country in 2008, caused an unjust war that cost us $2 trillion, four thousand dead and countless wounded, they continue to vote for a party that moves the country towards the agenda of the rich 5 percent, the multinational corporations. With powerful hate groups like Citizens United, the Tea Party, the Koch brothers, many white Americans out of fear towards minorities will vote against their own self preservation to contain some allusive minority boogie man that threatens their way of life. As the country moves towards a plutocracy and not a democracy, as the rich control our so called elected officials, race will play an even bigger role and as Blacks and other minorities suffer the brunt of the blame for problems they have no control over. That is the sad reality of the America that I as a Black person live in, and until white GOP voters realize that they have more in common with me despite the color of my skin as we both struggle to put food on the table and provide a decent home for our children, the GOP will continue to use them and maybe they will realize that the GOP does not care about them anymore than they care about me.

Robert Glover


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