Michael Coard

Once again, the Pennsylvania Sentencing Commission is planning to implement a Risk Assessment Tool (RAT) that could punish young Black men from the hood much more than any other group. The Commission tried before and failed before following public hearings in Philadelphia last year on June 6…

John Mitchell

If you saw one of those “breaking news” chyrons that cable news runs across the bottom of your television saying that six people had been shot and killed and 32 had been injured, there’s little doubt you’d wonder where the latest mass shooting took place.

Bill Fletcher

Think about it this way. If every tactic that was used by African Americans in the Civil Rights Movement and/or in the fight against apartheid South Africa was either criminalized or attacked by the U.S. Congress, how would you respond?

Julianne Malveaux

The April unemployment rate, at 3.6%, was the lowest since December 1969. Payroll employment increased by more than 250,000, outperforming expectations and reversing the disappointing job creation numbers of last month. First-quarter growth was reported at 3.2%, a robust figure that exceeds …

James A Washington's Spiritually Speaking

Forgive my sports analogy, but I have often found myself wrestling with the concepts and realities of good and evil. It stands to reason that if you believe in God and His goodness, power and the righteousness of Jesus Christ, then you must also believe in Satan and his earth-bound inherent …

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