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In this week’s edition of my “Freedom’s Journal” column, I’m announcing my November 6, 2018 general election endorsements.

Why me, you might ask? Who do I think I am, you might ask? Why should you accept my endorsements, you might ask? Here’s why: To whom much is given, much is required. I have been a radio show host for more than 15 years, a trial attorney for more than 20 years, a cultural/political activist since my college days, and an African descendant throughout my entire lifetime. As a result of those blessings, I have been put in a position to access and uncover enlightening information that can bring about justice, equity, and eventually liberation for Blacks.

Accordingly, prior to each election, I use that information to compile my endorsement list. Why? There are two reasons. One- literally hundreds of voters always specifically ask me to do so. Two- unlike the average voter, I have the time and resources to thoroughly research the candidates. Therefore, I am able to distinguish the good candidates from the bad ones (as well as the not-so-bad candidates from the truly bad ones), particularly in regard to what they have done or not done for our community.

I titled this column “Vote Democrat or Die,” but I didn’t mean only a political death in terms of no influence in local, state, and federal governments. I also meant economic death in terms of no productive jobs, educational death in terms of no quality schooling, and actual death in terms of no affordable health care.

Before I continue, I need to make something very clear: Although I am a registered Democrat (at least for the time being and have been throughout my entire adult life), I dislike the Democratic Party in general because it has tended to be politically weak-kneed and racially exploitative. And the only reason I am a Democrat is I despise the Republican Party. Allow me to explain.

Long before Donald Trump became president in the 2016 election, there’s been a political race war in America. And that war has dramatically intensified in modern-day America with the Electoral College selection of the racist who was endorsed by former KKK leader David Duke and who described Nazis as “very fine people.”

During wartime, soldiers must think and act strategically, not emotionally. I thought and acted strategically when I first registered to vote at age 18, which is why I chose to be a Democrat (but will eventually switch and become an Independent).

Ever since I was a young voter, I have always thoroughly researched the parties and the candidates, which is precisely how I knew that Republicans Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Donald Trump were clearly greater threats to Blacks (as well as to women, immigrants of color, Muslims, LGBTQs, and poor people) than were Democrats Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis, Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

Anyone who says otherwise is a liar or an idiot or both.

I knew that even though I was and am a proud revolutionary socialist, socialist candidates and other left-leaning third party candidates just ain’t gonna win on the national stage or on most state stages anytime soon. Therefore, those like me who want substantive, systemic, and policy change for Blacks (as well as for women, immigrants of color, Muslims, LGBTQs, and poor people) must think and act strategically.

In other words, we gotta pursue gradual reform with the (generally) dislikable Democratic Party in order to achieve ultimate annihilation of the deplorable Republican Party.

To paraphrase Voltaire who quoted an Italian proverb, “Don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good.” That statement is directly on point during local, state, and federal elections in this country. For example, if Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X, and MLK were alive, they’d be perfect candidates for any office. But they’re long dead. So let’s use what we got to get what we want- and need!

And what we got is the Democratic Party that has several candidates who are great in that they’re progressive and “woke” but also has far too many candidates who are flawed. However, when you compare those minor flaws (relatively speaking) to the major disfigurement of the entire Trump-empowering Republican Party candidates, you gotta do the right thing by voting for the Democrats, at least in 2018 and 2020.

For more info and greater nuance about my endorsements, listen to my Radio Courtroom show on WURD96.1-FM/900-AM or at WURDradio.com on November 4 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Also, check me out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Now here’s my complete list

US Senate: Robert Casey

US House

District 2: Brendan Boyle

District 3: Dwight Evans

District 5: Mary Gay Scanlon

Governor: Tom Wolf

Lt. Governor: John Fetterman

PA State Senate

District 4: Art Haywood

District 8: Anthony Williams

PA House of Representatives

District 179: Jason Dawkins

District 181: Malcolm Kenyatta

District 186: Jordan Harris

District 188: James Roebuck

District 190: Vanessa L. Brown

District 191: JoAnna McClinton

District 192: Morgan Cephas

District 195: Donna Bullock

District 200: Chris Rabb

District 201: Stephen Kinsey

District 203: Isabella Fitzgerald

City Ballot Question: YES

It comes down to this. Any Black person who voted for Trump in 2016- or who willfully allows any Trump-empowering Republican candidate (which includes all Republicans) to get elected or re-elected on November 6- is a sellout. Any Latinx who does so is a traitor, any man a misogynist, any woman a self-hating tool, an LGBTQ a quisling, any Muslim an infidel, any Christian a sinner, any Catholic an anti-pontiff, and any poor person a self-destructive pawn.

Despite our differences on various political issues, we- the aforementioned (and others)- must unite on Election Day, which is the only way to begin to destroy the Trumpy Republican disease.

To kinda/sorta paraphrase Ben Franklin, “We must, indeed, hang together on November 6, 2018 by voting for all the Democrats or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately afterward.”

Michael Coard, Esquire can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. His “Radio Courtroom” show can be heard on WURD96.1-FM. And his “TV Courtroom” show can be seen on PhillyCam/Verizon/Comcast.

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No thanks. Your threats don't scare me. Voting republican all down the line.


true to being a domestic terrorist supporter..you- do- you .. as hateful as that is..


Obama and Jim Kenney were the last Democrats I voted for. I vote straight Republican from now on.


I refuse to vote for candidates based on the vehemence of their anti-Trump rhetoric. With a 26% poverty rate in a city controlled by Democrats I cannot in good conscience vote for that Party. During Obama's presidency the poverty rate in this city was 28%. Not much of an improvement, is it? I don't care about immigration reform. I'm not concerned about a woman's right to kill her babies up to the ninth month. What I want to see are jobs with family sustaining wages and lower taxes. Period. Democrats are all tax and spend.

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