Change is hitting that athletic conglomerate known as the NCAA like a kick in the pants. Earlier this year, the NCAA Board of Governors voted unanimously to allow student-athletes to be paid for the use of their name, image and likeness once its three divisions decide on rules for such oppor…

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Black lives didn’t matter to the British colonies that existed on this stolen land when, beginning August 25, 1619, whites formally initiated the enslavement of Blacks, starting with the 20-30 Kimbundu-speaking Angolan men, women, and children who had been kidnapped from the village of Ndong…

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A year ago Sunday, Philadelphia lost a legend with the passing of former Overbrook High, Drake University and National Basketball Association standout Lewis “Black Magic” Lloyd. He was 60 and on a whim could still shoot a jumper from the corner hitting nothing but net.

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