As former first lady Michelle Obama recently said, “Our stories matter.” It is why I spent three years making a documentary on Alzheimer’s imp…

Michael Coard

Black lives didn’t matter to the British colonies that existed on this stolen land when, beginning August 25, 1619, whites formally initiated the enslavement of Blacks, starting with the 20-30 Kimbundu-speaking Angolan men, women, and children who had been kidnapped from the village of Ndong…

John Mitchell

Alonzo Kittrels' Back in the Day

Daryl Bell

A year ago Sunday, Philadelphia lost a legend with the passing of former Overbrook High, Drake University and National Basketball Association standout Lewis “Black Magic” Lloyd. He was 60 and on a whim could still shoot a jumper from the corner hitting nothing but net.

Caribbean Currents

Amid the struggle to survive this pandemic, Caribbean Americans have their minds and their hearts in two places: They are worried about the pandemic in the United States and they are worried about parents, siblings and children still living in the islands.

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