Michael Coard

When Gilbert “Gil” Scott-Heron first told America in 1970 that “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” after having written it in 1968 at age 19, he literally set the stage for what would become part of the musical and poetic soundtrack for revolutionaries worldwide. And he didn’t stop until…

John Mitchell

Alonzo Kittrels' Back in the Day

Daryl Bell

Glenn Ellis

As I write this column, state by state and city by city, all across this country “staples” in our lives are disappearing. Restaurants, public events and schools are closing one after another. While we all get used to this “new normal,” while going through the coronavirus pandemic, one of the…

Caribbean Currents

Wow! This is all soooo mind-blowing! The first time in our lifetime that we are all witnesses to a pandemic, sweeping across continents. It has changed life as we know it and now it’s right here in our backyards and it has put a monkey wrench into the Penn Relays.

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