So, you are sitting on a park bench, just enjoying the weather. What is the likelihood that the next person that walks by you is of a different race than you? In 2010 the probability of another race person walking by was 54.9%, and it rose to 61.1% by 2020. We are more likely to see people w…

“To America’s children, families, and educators, the last two school years have not gone the way you planned. You’ve missed chances to connect…

Irv Randolph

Michael Coard

I’m sure some readers will be alarmed by my use of the word “avenge” in regard to the Sept. 15, 1963, savage murder of four little Black girls. Those readers believe I’m calling for the same thing to be done to four little white girls in retaliation.

Alonzo Kittrels' Back in the Day

Daryl Bell

Glenn Ellis

After over a year’s worth of weekly columns, centered around the COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating impact on all of us, this is the last one on the subject. Instead, I decided to devote this column to what we should have learned from the past year of being in the throes of the pandemic. …