Coincheck takes a big step in developing its NFT marketplace by partnering with Dapper Labs, the company building accessible sports, entertainment and consumer experiences on blockchain technology

VANCOUVER, BC, Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ - Coincheck, Inc., one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Japan and subsidiary of the financial conglomerate Monex Group, Inc., and Dapper Labs, the company known for creating CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot, today announced a collaboration that will introduce famously-successful and highly-anticipated non-fugingble tokens by Dapper Labs to Coincheck's over 2.1 million users (As of August 31, 2020) .

Coincheck, in addition to being one of the largest digital currency exchange platforms in Japan, was also one of the earliest, and one of the first exchanges to have undergone and passed the rigorous FSA criteria for licensing. They are bringing this same level of dedication and rigor to the creation of their NFT marketplace, choosing to list NFTs by only the most reputable companies. Coincheck will be working closely with Dapper Labs to introduce many of the great IPs Dapper Labs has secured on Flow, Dapper Labs' new blockchain, to the Japanese audience, starting with CryptoKitties.

"The Japanese art, comics, and gaming markets are some of the most vibrant in the world. The era of NFTs is still in its infancy, but the Japanese community has been one of the biggest supporters of digital collectibles," said Mik Naayem, Chief Business Officer at Dapper Labs. "Through this important partnership with Coincheck, a pioneer in our space, we will be able to bring NFTs to a much wider and very passionate audience."

"Dapper Labs has been trailblazing the development of NFTs and shares our vision of bringing forth their mainstream adoption in a secure and accountable way," said Kensuke Amo, executive officer at Coincheck "We are proud to be partnering with a company that has done incredible work educating some of the most celebrated IP holders and that is building a blockchain that will allow our industry to scale."

About Coincheck Coincheck, Inc. offers a diverse range of crypto asset services, including Coincheck, a crypto asset exchange service with the highest number of downloaded apps in Japan and more than 2.1 million users(*). With a mission to make the exchange of new values easier, Coincheck is working to develop better services created from crypto assets and blockchain. *As of August 31, 2020

About Dapper Labs Dapper Labs is the company behind CryptoKitties and the Flow blockchain as well as upcoming titles like NBA Top Shot. Founded in 2018, Dapper Labs uses blockchain technology to bring new forms of digital engagement to fans around the world. Blockchain-enabled applications can bring fans closer with the brands they love, give people a real stake in the communities they contribute to, and create new ways for consumers to become creators themselves. Publicly-announced Dapper Labs partners include the NBA and NBPA, Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, and UFC. Notable investors in Dapper Labs include Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures, Venrock, Google Ventures, Samsung, and the founders of Dreamworks, Reddit, Coinbase, Zynga, and AngelList, among others.

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