Are you kidding me? I just saw a news report on lab-produced beef. They are using stem cells from animals to produce meat in the labs in Tel Aviv because farming animals such as cows is creating greenhouse gases.

One of the American millionaires who is investing his gazillions of dollars in the research project said about normal agricultural practices, “We cannot continue to farm animals at this rate because it will adversely impact the planet through greenhouse emissions.”


I remember noticing a difference in the taste of meats that I ate back home in the islands compared to the meats I ate when I moved to the United States. The most noticeable difference was in the chicken. The chicken on the islands tasted fresher.

Maybe the reason was the chickens were raised locally and were naturally fed and free range. To get that type of chicken in this country, you have to pay extra money.

Most chickens sold in the stores in this country are mass produced and are raised unnaturally in enclosed areas. The same thing can be said about cows and other animals raised for human consumption.

The ludicrous notion that we should not continue to raise meat the natural way because of greenhouse gases does not even make sense. How about we go back to raising cattle the way we use to since the beginning of civilization. Today cows are raised on feedlots.

In an article written by Barry Estabrook for The Atlantic, he describes feedlot owned by the Harris Ranch Beef Co. along Interstate 5 between Los Angeles and San Francisco where about 100,000 cattle are crowded together.

For lack of a more direct way of explaining it, he writes about how they are walking in their poop year round. In the summer, the poop becomes dust, and in the fall and winter, it turns to mud. He continues to say that from the highway, the stench is so horrible that it hits you like a bag of bricks and it is something that you will never, ever forget.

I have seen similar documentaries on WHYY, Channel 12, showing how chickens are raised in their own squalor. Some of them end up with diseases that are spread among the healthy chickens.

Most immigrants grew up eating natural farm raised meats and that is what we need to go back to. Caribbean farmers, like many people in Third World countries, treat their animals well. The animals are healthy and do not have a lot of diseases. Back in the 1960s and ‘70s, we did not have to worry about salmonella, mad cow and other food-borne diseases because it was far and few between that these issues would crop up.

We in the islands and here in America did not have to deal with the degree of pollution that exists now. We took the cows and goats out to pasture by the riverside, just like the off-the-grid Alaska shows that we now watch on cable television. We weren’t lacing the livestock feed with hormones, steroids and other “meat” by-products that do not have any business being eaten by animals that should be herbivores (plant eating). We did not have to worry about contaminated soil.

The thought that animals should be raised from some artificially engineered stem cells in a lab is so unnatural and unhealthy, it makes me cringe. It is very concerning. I am sure that American-born citizens as well as naturalized immigrant citizens would be horrified about this unknown territory that scientists are entering.

What are the implications of this research? Will this “synthetically gown meat substance” end up in the markets just like the GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods that we are eating without realizing it? Are we all going to have cancer or some other disease showing up in our bodies at some point due to this?

Well, what I do know is that the millionaires backing this research do not care about the implications to consumers. All they care about is their bottom line and how much cash, mullah or greenbacks they are going to make in the end. That money will buy them and their families healthy foods and great doctors.

Whether we live in the United States or the Caribbean, we have to educate ourselves about these things. We have to arm ourselves with knowledge because knowledge is power — the power to make informed decisions about our lives. Armed with that knowledge, we can exercise our voting powers and put people in office who care about consumers having access to natural foods to eat, clean water to drink and fresh air to breathe.

Can I get an AMEN???

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