State Rep. Donna Bullock, pictured in a past event, has received an appointment to the Democratic minority on the influential House Appropriations Committee.

— Photo courtesy the Facebook page of State Rep. Donna Bullock.

Damon C. Williams Tribune Staff Writer

In the short six months since winning a special election in August, freshman state Rep. Donna Bullock is wasting no time in expanding her legislative capabilities and duties.

Bullock (D–195) has received an appointment to the influential House Appropriations Committee, one of the highest–profile committees in the General Assembly. She will join the 14–member commission, where Republicans hold the majority as they control both chambers in the General Assembly.

Bullock is already a member on three committees: aging and older adult services, liquor control, and state government and policy.

“It’s a tremendous honor and privilege to be named to the Appropriations Committee, and I look forward to working with new colleagues to help get Pennsylvania out of this budget deadlock,” Bullock said. “I’m pleased to have the trust of my caucus leadership to undertake this important role.”

The Appropriations Committee has great leeway in determining how and where governmental funds are spent. That includes funding outlays for state projects. It also provides recommendations for budget and fiscal–related matters and is integrally involved in the annual budget process.

The committee also has jurisdiction over the state budget process, the offices of Auditor General and State Treasurer and the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority.

Bullock has little time to celebrate the appointment, as the Appropriations Committee will meet on Monday to consider issues related to the Independent Fiscal Office/Economic and Revenue Outlook and the Department of Revenue.

“I will be in a much greater position to assess the inner workings of the budget, make informed votes and evaluate state agencies’ requests and requirements,” said Bullock.

The appointment appears to line up nicely with Bullock’s other legislative initiatives, which has included outreach for the blind and boosting employment among the city’s poor and disenfranchised.

Prior to joining the General Assembly, Bullock served as special assistant to City Council President Darrell Clarke and was the director of the Council’s research fellowship. Before that, she worked at a private law firm and Philadelphia Community Legal Services.

“We are at a critical crossroads in Pennsylvania, and I will look for every opportunity to lead down the right path,” Bullock said. “That path starts with putting people over politics.”

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